Jim Jakubus, Construction Manager

Pogoda’s Construction Manager, Jim Jakubus, brings over 40 years of industry experience to the project team.

Having successfully coordinated various projects on both the commercial and industrial levels, Jim has thorough knowledge of sitework, concrete, structural steel, interior finishes, and both mechanical and electrical systems. Some of his extensive experiences in both renovation projects and those from the ground up include: water treatment facilities, cogeneration power plants, automotive sites, petroleum projects, medical buildings, and multiple building projects at U of M,.  He is well-versed with both the design-build and competitive-bid processes, and is adept at estimating their associated costs while adhering to a budget.  Jim excels at coordinating the daily operations of subcontractors and vendors including both the development of project schedules and the updating of records.

Jim is a former owner/operator of a self-storage facility in Michigan, former state of Michigan residential business license holder, and former state of Arizona commercial license qualifying party.

Jim and his wife Lynn enjoy lake living, boating, and Detroit sports teams. Jim and Lynn have 5 children, and enjoys the monkeyshines of their soon-to-be 8th grandchildren!