Chriss Michalopoulos, Director of Operations

Chriss Michalopoulos is an experienced and results oriented management professional. He has been with Pogoda since 2011. Graduating with a Bachelor of Finance Degree from the University of South Florida, he specializes in steering and directing all aspects of his region’s operations, administration and budgeting. Chriss has over twenty-one years experience successfully managing multiple hotel and self storage property portfolios across North America and Canada.

Chriss’ strengths include decisive leadership, the ability to seamlessly implement the latest industry innovations and knowledge in all aspects of accounting with a thorough comprehension of financial statements. He takes pride in his ability to feel the pulse of the market based on his detailed understanding of self storage.

Chriss is passionate about travel and has spent a great deal of time abroad. His work ethic, as well as his tennis game, has found an environment to flourish at Pogoda Companies.