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15 May 2023
Pogoda Supercharges Growth with 5 New Self-Storage Management Contracts in Michigan 

Pogoda Companies Adds 5 New Management Contracts in Michigan 

Michigan based Pogoda Companies, a leading provider of self-storage management services, has been awarded five new management contracts. The properties are all located in Michigan in the cities of Brighton, Hartland, Howell (2 locations) and Oceola. All will be rebranded under Pogoda’s National Storage flag and are expected to benefit from Pogoda’s institutional management practices.

Pogoda Companies has established a renowned reputation for excellence, innovation, and exceptional customer service in the self-storage industry, backed by over 35 years of experience. Pogoda offers a diverse range of services including property management, construction consulting and management.

"We are thrilled to announce that these five storage facilities will be coming under Pogoda's management and the National Storage flag," said Adam Pogoda, President of Pogoda Companies. "In addition to expanding our reach in southeastern & central Michigan and solidifying our position as the largest storage operator in the state, we are also excited to make improvements to the properties, enhancing the storage experience for our customers and increasing the value of our clients' investments.”


About Pogoda Companies: 

Founded in 1987, Pogoda Companies is a Michigan-based company that provides property management services and construction consulting services to the self-storage industry. The company currently has 66 locations and over 4.2 million square feet of self-storage space across Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The acquisition of these new management contracts is part of Pogoda Companies' ongoing aggressive growth strategy, which includes expanding its portfolio of managed and owned properties. For more information, visit or contact Adam Pogoda at or 248-877-3912.

14 Feb 2023
Pogoda Companies Expands Self-Storage Management to Carmel, IN 

Farmington Hills, Michigan - February 10, 2023 - Pogoda Companies, one of the largest self-storage owner/operators in the country, announces a new management account in Carmel, Indiana. With this new management account, Pogoda Companies adds its 58th self-storage property to its portfolio and its third property in Indiana.  

The well-located Carmel Self Storage property, which boasts 95% occupancy, offers 20,000 square feet of climate-controlled storage and 50,000 square feet of drive-up access to 492 units. Pogoda Companies plans to bring its institutional management practices to boost income through rent increases and higher tenant insurance penetration. 

Pogoda Companies, based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is actively seeking opportunities to manage or acquire more self-storage properties throughout the Midwest. The company operates under the trademarked name National Storage and has over 3.75 million square feet of self-storage space in 58 storage centers across Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. As a consistently top-ranked self-storage operator, Pogoda Companies is committed to providing best-in-class management services to its properties. 

For more information, please visit

31 Oct 2022
Pogoda Companies has expanded to New Albany, Indiana!

Continuing its aggressive Midwest expansion, Pogoda Companies recently purchased an off-market self-storage property located in New Albany, Indiana – a submarket of Louisville, Kentucky. Formerly Ameri-Guard Storage Center, this class “A” facility boasts 95,000 square feet which includes a substantial expansion completed in 2022.

Pogoda plans to bring the facility up to its institutional standards through minor capital improvements along with its best-in-class management. It will be rebranded under the National Storage flag and added to Pogoda’s website. 

Pogoda Companies ( is one of the largest self-storage owner/operators in the country, consistently ranking among the top 25. It has almost 4.0 million square feet of self-storage space in 58 storage centers in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. It is aggressively looking to buy more self- storage properties throughout the Midwest.

18 Jul 2022
Pogoda Companies Announces the Grand Opening of Its Latest Self-Storage Facility in Charlevoix, MI

Façade Rendering

Pogoda Companies’ latest self-storage center will bring state-of-the-art technology to Charlevoix in over 46,000 rentable square feet. Formerly a K-Mart, National Storage - Charlevoix will employ the newest digital technology to not only provide tenants with contact-less rentals but will also utilizing the Noke Smart Entry system which will allow tenants to use their smartphones to enter the building and lock & unlock their units. Phase I will open in mid-July and drive-up units, covered and uncovered RV and Boat parking will be added in the fall.

Pogoda Companies purchased the property earlier this year with the goal of getting it open in time for the summer season. “We are so excited to bring this advanced climate-controlled storage facility to Charlevoix and the surrounding communities. The new smart entry technology is a game changer that allows our tenants to conveniently access their space through their smartphones and compliments our goal of letting them control their rental experience.” said Adam Pogoda, President of Pogoda Companies.
National Storage Centers - Charlevoix

Pogoda Companies will officially open the doors of this new, one-of-a-kind, self storage center under its trademarked “National Storage" brand, on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 11:30 AM. Located at 6600 M-66 in Charlevoix, the center will welcome guests to celebrate its grand opening with food and tours of the facility.

12 Jun 2022
Dealing with Difficult Employees
Pogoda Companies Beau Angello Featured in Self Storage Now

“No one usually wakes up and decides they want to be a difficult employee and do a terrible job,”

In Q4’s Issue of Self Storage Now they tackle the tough and all too familiar problem of “Dealing with Difficult Employees”. Our very own Beau Angello, SVP of Pogoda Companies weighs in on this controversial and difficult topic.

The article discusses the challenges of dealing with difficult employees, who are defined as those who "fail to conduct himself or herself in a responsible and/or professional manner in the workplace." It suggests that there are different reasons employees may be viewed as difficult and offers advice on how to handle them. For instance, it suggests that managers should first determine the type of difficult employee they are dealing with and then take an internal look at their processes to identify any issues that may have led to the employee's behavior. The article also discusses the importance of providing employees with adequate training and support, and offers suggestions for addressing skill gaps, will gaps, and engagement gaps in employees.

Read more here!

20 Dec 2021
Press Release

Pogoda Companies Adds 6 Properties

Pogoda Companies closed out 2021 with the acquisition of 6 self-storage properties; a 5 property portfolio in Indiana and Kentucky and an additional property in Michigan. These purchases add 359,918 square feet and 2,819 units to Pogoda’s growing portfolio.

25 Oct 2021
Q&A with Pogoda’s Beau Agnello

Pogoda Companies is looking to break out of its Michigan and Ohio base – and it’s hired Beau Agnello to help, operationally and strategically, achieve its expansion goals.

The Farmington Hills, MI-based Pogoda recently announced that Agnello will serve as its new senior vice president of operations, overseeing its 58 owned and managed facilities in Michigan and Ohio. Agnello previously was a division vice president responsible for Extra Space’s Texas and Oklahoma region.

Agnello will also be “instrumental in formulating strategic plans for the company’s continued expansion, maximizing the investment value of all managed/owned facilities,” the 100-employee company has announced.

19 Oct 2021
Pogoda: Leaving a Legacy

Last month, we welcomed our son into the world and my life shifted profoundly. Parenting has been a (sleep-deprived) blast, but it has forced me to consider the world I’m creating for my son. After taking him to visit his first storage facility, I started to think about what legacy means in this business. As a second-generation self storage owner/operator, I’ve been privileged to inherit a philosophy about the industry that has governed our company for the last 35 years and enabled its success. Now, as a father myself, it’s my job to ensure that the philosophy, like the business, can continue to benefit the next generation.

12 Oct 2021
Self-storage is red hot; rents, valuations soar as the sector keeps growing

Michael Berger didn't get the amount he wanted for his self-storage portfolio when it sold last month.

The Southfield-based real estate investor got much more.

The $170 million sales of his 28 U-Store Management Co. properties to Colorado-based SpareBox Storage is proof positive that the self-storage industry, several decades ago just a blip on the commercial real estate radar and now a nearly $40 billion industry, has rebounded from the uncertain early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

15 Sep 2021
Pogoda Companies Appoints Beau Agnello as Senior Vice President of Operations

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Beau Agnello as Senior Vice President of Operations at Pogoda Companies. Beau will be responsible for overseeing all operations for our self-storage portfolio and third-party managed properties. In addition, he will be instrumental in formulating strategic plans for the company's continued expansion, maximizing the investment value of all managed/owned facilities, updating policies and procedures, and will utilize the latest technology within the self-storage industry to improve operations.

26 Jul 2021
Pogoda Companies Adds Five More Properties in the First Half of 2021

Pogoda Companies is pleased to announce the addition of five more properties to its growing self-storage portfolio. Three were in the Grand Rapids, Michigan MSA and two were in the Detroit, Michigan MSA. Each has been rebranded under Pogoda’s trademarked name: National Storage Centers.

15 Jul 2021
Self Storage Is on Fire: Is It Crazy to Buy or Build? Probably.

Here is Adam Pogoda's article, previously published on List Self Storage.

If you talk to anyone in the storage industry, they will tell you that they have never seen a market as hot as this one. Existing facilities are full, rents are rising, cap rates are at historic lows, and every supplier is so inundated with orders that they cannot keep up. The word ‘unprecedented’ has been used an unprecedented number of times in the last 16 months, but there is no better word to describe the self-storage market – what is happening right now is unprecedented.

30 Apr 2021
Self-Storage Market Analysis 2021: Greater Detroit

This article was published by Monty Spencer on Apr 29, 2021, on the Inside Self Storage Website and featured Pogoda's own Adam Pogoda.

Hollywood often portrays Detroit as a desolate wasteland, but it’s quite full of life as a self-storage market. Read why owners and investors are encouraged by the dynamics driving the industry in the Motor City.

In many movies, the once-mighty Motor City is portrayed in almost post-apocalyptic terms—a desolate, dilapidated city gutted by the long, painful decline of the U.S. auto industry. It isn’t a flattering image. In contrast, local self-storage professionals see a hard-scrabble city in the early stages of a comeback, surrounded by affluent suburbs in a state steadily diversifying its economy. From that vantage point, Greater Detroit looks much more promising.

3 Mar 2021
Advice for Making Self-Storage Acquisitions in a Pandemic Environment

Here is a copy of the article Michael Pogoda published at Inside Self Storage.

The process of buying self-storage assets has changed during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn to navigate the various obstacles and get deals done from the vice president of Pogoda Cos., which managed to increase its portfolio by 11 facilities from March to October.

The coronavirus pandemic has created a ripple effect across the business world. Self-storage hasn’t been as negatively impacted as other real estate classes, but the landscape in which assets are bought and sold has indeed changed.

Here at Pogoda Cos., we’ve thus far effectively navigated the shifting conditions. In fact, we took advantage of opportunities to increase our owned and managed portfolio by 11 facilities from March to October. Following is our advice on how to get self-storage deals done in this unprecedented environment.

4 May 2021
A Passion for People

Jack Day of Pogoda Companies in Michigan taps into the power of positivity in his professional, personal life. When a tenant enters his office, Day said he does everything he can to make them feel relaxed and home.

"I want them to feel like their moving process is going to be the best, smoothest moving process ever.

When asked how he could achieve something so many of his predecessors failed to do, Day again circled back to the power of a kind word, a big smile, and treating others as he'd like to be treated.

Read the Self Storage Association’s (#SSA) article about our Jack Day on p. 18:

16 Dec 2020
Our National Storage Centers – Bloomfield East location won the 2020 Facility Of The Year Renovation award!

The year is 1984. Macintosh aired its iconic “1984” ad, “Purple Rain” is a splash at the box office, and a new mini-storage facility in Pontiac, Mich., is built. Like many first-generation facilities, it fits the standards of the day.

Fast forward to 2019: The facility, which is still in the same family as when it was built, is also much the same as it was in 1984, with few updates and neglected capital improvements.

Pogoda Companies, who owns more self-storage facilities in Michigan than any other company, took notice. “We saw a real opportunity to renovate a dilapidated, largely vacant facility into a like-new property in order to lease up and provide the best service to our tenants,” says Adam Pogoda, developer of the project and director of acquisitions for Pogoda Companies.

26 Oct 2021
Relatively Speaking: A Rising Star in Self Storage (and Pogoda Cos.)

Since 1987 Maurice Pogoda created an amazing family business and now after having successful careers the boys are coming home. The following article focuses on Adam Pogoda, who spent a successful 10 years in high pressure Real Estate roles in both San Fransisco and New York.

Adam conintues to build upon his father's work with an agressive growth strategy that is beginning to show an exponential growth for the business.

See the entire article here on SSA Magazine

11 Oct 2020
Evaluating Deals In Uncertain Times

In March, I signed a contract to buy a self storage portfolio right before the pandemic hit its stride. Luckily, we were able to negotiate an extension of our diligence period, but immediately upon signing I thought to myself, are my assumptions from January still valid? How much will rents drop? Will we be able to rent any units in a pandemic? Will any of the lenders I spoke with still be at their terms? Lastly, will my investors have an appetite for a new deal? 

April and May were dicey months, but fortunately self storage in this market took off after Memorial Day and the numbers were so rosy that the debt and equity raises were a (relative) breeze. That being said, I pared back the rent growth numbers, lowered the mark to market rents, removed ancillary income and pushed out my stabilization from year three to year four. The deal penciled to slightly lower returns than originally underwritten, but I slept better at night knowing that the risk adjusted return felt stronger and was likely to outperform. 

Read the full article here on

5 Oct 2020
Pogoda – Adds Six Properties to its Self Storage Specialists Portfolio in September 2020

Fall 2020 kicks off with the acquisition of six new properties by Pogoda Companies. These recent additions increase Pogoda’s portfolio by 2,114 units and 240,757 sq. ft. Pogoda now has 51 locations with over 3.5 million sq. ft. in the Michigan and Ohio markets.

16 Sep 2020
Raising Rents the Right Way

Raising rents. Just those two words can strike fear into many managers. However, experts in the industry say raising rents is not only a necessary, but it should be done on a regular and consistent basis. Not only that, managers should never be timid or ashamed of raising rents.

Our own John George, SVP of Operations is a top expert consulted on this important process. Read the full article here at

24 Sep 2020
Pogoda Companies recently hired Jihad “Jay” Catrib as Payroll and Training Coordinator

Pogoda Companies, who has over 3.5 million square feet of self storage space under Ownership and Management in 51 locations, recently hired Jihad “Jay” Catrib as Payroll and Training Coordinator. Jay will play a key role in creating and implementing training programs for Pogoda’s growing self storage portfolio.

Jay has over ten years of experience in retail training and operations as well as a BBA Degree from the University of Michigan. He has a proven track record of hiring, training, and mentoring employees to build cohesive teams.

24 Aug 2020
Pogoda Management Co. Adds Five Properties to its Management Portfolio in Summer 2020

It has been a remarkably busy Summer 2020. Pogoda Management Co. is pleased to announce the addition of five more properties totaling over 308,000 square feet to its growing management portfolio with 6 more properties in the pipeline.

24 Aug 2020
Pogoda Group Closes 2 Self Storage Property Deals

The Pogoda Group is pleased to announce the brokerage sale of two self storage properties; Gold Coast Storage in Ludington, Michigan and Southside Storage in Wyoming, Michigan.

3 Jun 2020
Pogoda Companies Adds Three More Properties to its Management Portfolio in May 2020

Pogoda Companies is pleased to announce the addition of three more properties to its growing management portfolio. National Storage Centers - Royal Oak, A Plus Self Storage - Flint, and A Plus Self Storage - Swartz Creek have joined the family of trademarked locations managed by Pogoda Management Co.

27 May 2020
Pogoda Management Co. Activates Contactless Online Renting

Pogoda Management Co., Michigan’s largest self storage operator, has launched its 100% online rental experience on Potential tenants are now guided through the entire rental process: From selecting the location, size, and features of their unit to completing their reservation and signing the lease online. This completely contactless rental option gives tenants a quick, easy way to rent their space, providing a safe alternative to coming into the office.

11 Apr 2019
“Top Ten Things Self-Storage Brokers Want Buyers to Know” – with comments by Adam Pogoda

Backed by his 10+ years of real estate experience in both identifying and sourcing acquisitions, Pogoda Companies’ Director of Acquisitions, Adam Pogoda, is aggressively leading the charge in purchasing both existing and conversion self-storage sites throughout the Midwest. To read his insights on how buyers and sellers can best bring a transaction to a successful close, please click on the following link:

8 Mar 2019
“Pogoda Cos. Looks Beyond the Midwest as it Ramps Up Self-Storage Acquisitions” – with comments by Adam Pogoda

Pogoda Companies’ Director of Acquisitions, Adam Pogoda, speaks with SpareFoot about his strategy to expand the company’s portfolio beyond the Midwest.  To read more about his plans for growth,

please click on the following link

4 Mar 2019
“Reflections on Buying and Selling at the End of a Cycle

Pogoda Companies’ Director of Acquisitions, Adam Pogoda, explains how he continues to find opportunities for long-term growth and development in the self-storage industry in the article “Reflections on Buying and Developing at the End of the Cycle.”  To read his article in its entirety, please click on the following link

15 Jul 2013
Pogoda Companies Signs New Management Contract
Pogoda Companies continues to build on its 26 years of management experience by signing a new contract with Secure Self Storage of Monroe, MI.
12 Dec 2012
Bank Owned Portfolio Sold by Pogoda
Pogoda Companies continues to be active in the market this year with the sale of a bank owned portfolio consisting of four properties located in the greater Port Huron, Michigan area.
11 Dec 2013
Pogoda Sells Stock-N-Lock Self Storage; Adjacent Property
Pogoda Companies completed not one, but two transactions in November...
28 Aug 2014
Pogoda Companies announces Brokerage Sale of two Metro Detroit Storage Facilities
Pogoda Companies is pleased to announce the brokerage sale of two self storage properties, one in Shelby Township, Michigan, and the other in Flat Rock, Michigan.
23 Aug 2013
Pogoda Companies awarded “Best Customer Service” by Inside Self-Storage
Pogoda Companies chosen to receive the Best Customer Service award by the readers of Inside Self-Storage Magazine.
5 Nov 2014
Pogoda Companies announces Brokerage Sale of Riverview and Newaygo, MI Self Storage Properties
Pogoda Companies is pleased to announce two recently closed sales of self storage facilities, one in Riverview, Michigan, and the other in Newaygo, Michigan.
26 Sep 2016
Up Your Game!
Becoming an All-Star Manager