Dealing with Difficult Employees

Pogoda Companies Beau Angello Featured in Self Storage Now

“No one usually wakes up and decides they want to be a difficult employee and do a terrible job,”

In Q4’s Issue of Self Storage Now they tackle the tough and all too familiar problem of “Dealing with Difficult Employees”. Our very own Beau Angello, SVP of Pogoda Companies weighs in on this controversial and difficult topic.

The article discusses the challenges of dealing with difficult employees, who are defined as those who “fail to conduct himself or herself in a responsible and/or professional manner in the workplace.” It suggests that there are different reasons employees may be viewed as difficult and offers advice on how to handle them. For instance, it suggests that managers should first determine the type of difficult employee they are dealing with and then take an internal look at their processes to identify any issues that may have led to the employee’s behavior. The article also discusses the importance of providing employees with adequate training and support, and offers suggestions for addressing skill gaps, will gaps, and engagement gaps in employees.

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